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Featured Athlete : Dyesha Jones

DyeshaOur next Cellucor Spotlight Athlete – Dyesha Jones! Dyesha truly takes advantage of all that CFK has to offer – CrossFit classes, gymnastics classes, Olympic lifting class and Kemah Barbell. She has progressed tremendously in a short amount of time and that can surely be attributed to her determination and dedication. Read below to learn some more about her!

How long have you been at CFK?
-I have been at CFK for 6 months now.

Which lift have you seen the most improvement on?
-Mostly on the clean

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
-I would have to say that by far my biggest accomplishment has been kipping pull-ups.

What is your biggest current goal?
-Handstand walks 

What do you like most about CFK?
-What I like most about CFK, is that all the coaches are true athletes and their advice on progression is coming from a place of real knowledge and experience.

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