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Featured Athlete : Kody Bueermann


We would like to congratulate Kody Bueermann for being chosen as our first Cellucor Spotlight Athlete! Kody is the definition of consistency Рhe shows up every day and gets work done, and has made a huge amount of progress in just over a year. Kody will receive a free Cellucor product of choice. Congrats Kody!

Find out a little more about Kody’s journey below!

How long have you been at CrossFit Kemah?
-14 months. I started at CFK June 2013.

Which lift have you seen the most improvement on?
-The real answer here would be all of them, but I will single out the snatch or overhead squat simply because of mobility. When I first started, I remember struggling with either of these lifts at 75lbs due to poor mobility. As my mobility and strength have improved, I’ve added almost 100lbs to my max snatch. My technique still needs some work so I only expect that to increase.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
-I would say my commitment. I’ve always struggled with exercising consistently for longer than a couple of months at a time. This was even a struggle when I played college baseball. CFK has changed that completely. A day without CrossFit is few and far between. The improvements in my overall health and wellness have been amazing. There have been tons of accomplishments along the way but they’ve all been a result of walking in the gym every day.

What is your biggest current goal?
-My big goal is really to become a more proficient athlete in general. I started logging my max lifts and benchmark times, and I love coming in the gym with a new PR in mind. CFK has allowed me to rediscover my competitive spirit. That’s an awesome feeling!

What do you like most about CrossFit Kemah?
-The quality of coaching and programming is great, and the camaraderie is something special. Everyone has similar goals and celebrities each other’s accomplishments.

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