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Skill & WOD For Monday Mar. 27, 2017


20 min
3 on 3 basketball
Large class: 2min games and rotate teams or rotate after 1 score. Can be 2 on 2 or 1 on 1. Warm up and play for 20 min or so.
Knock out
With 2 basketballs, Players line up behind free throw line and shoot after one another. If player “”A”” makes the basket he gets own rebound and hands the ball to next player in line. If he misses he must make it before player “”B”” does or he is out (send on 200 m run/ plank hold/sit up etc. until next game) after a missed shot the player can shoot lay-up or shoot from anywhere.
I think we’ve all played horse or Pig/ Call it what you want. First one so spell it out loses.
“35 Min
Find 1,3 or 5 Rep Max on Strict Press ”
1,3,5 Dead Lift Max
Super set ok, recover before next lift.

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