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Skill & WOD For Thursday Jan. 12, 2017

10-15 MIN
1)10-15 Wrist Circles 2) Elbow Circles (pronate and supinate hands) 3) Seal Swings 4) Over and Backs 5) Freestyle Bounce 6)Big Arm Circles ->,<- 7) Trunk Rotations 8) Hip Circles 9) Bow and Bend 10) Knee Circles with hands 11) Leg Swings 12) Squating Ankle Stretch 13) Russian Baby Maker
Oly Work:
All of this work is to be done with great form. Please scale down and back in progression as needed. Chart posted on Utility closet door.
15 min A)Work up to a moderate Hang Power Snatch + OHS (1+3×6). ***Option- if OH Squat needs work…(3 Weighted power snatches + 3 PVC OHS)
10 min B) Snatch Balance (3,3,3,3) Light to Moderate in Weight out of the rack
Remaining Time C) Snatch “1001” Pause Pulls Hit all Positions starting from: 1″ From Floor 1″ Below Knee 1″ Above Knee Hip Crease “Swoop” Pop To High Pull (Scarecrow/Heels down) Not to exceed 6 sets. If time allows…50 Wt’d Sit ups

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