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Skill & WOD For Wednesday December 10, 2014

Deadlift Hump Day!!!
My personal favorite day…. While you may think there is little technique involved in a deadlift, let’s talk when you are at 90-110% of your max!! If all things aren’t rising at the same time, or driving those heels into the ground properly…that bar is reluctant to come off the ground!! Double digit PR’s from the Crew today (as expected) which just adds to the accomplished feeling after a tough day at work, traffic and life in general!!We turned around and had that work transfer into a kick-butt 4 rounder, pull, kip, squat, swing!!!! Great work, weekend is closer, catch ya on Thursday!!

Deadlift 1RM

4 Rounds
10 Deadlift 165/125
10 Toes To Bar
10 Front Squats 165/125
10 KBS 70/53

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