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Skill & WOD For Wednesday Mar. 29, 2017

25min Move the mountain- Weights stacked on one side of box, One athlete moves “the mountain” one plate at a time to the other side of the box and then tags teammate to bring the mountain back. Each person in line will move the mountain once for time. Its a relay race for time!. 3 person-Team Slamball Drop- Using a slam ball and a jump rope, 2 players stretch out jump rope with handle at waist line. the 3rd player stands in the middle of the rope and picks up slamball and drops it on the other side of the rope, Squats laterally under the rope bringing both feet to the other side before picking up slam ball and doing it again. Repeat for 10 reps and switch players. All 3 players have get a turn. Its for time! Sprinters warm up: high knees, but kicks, power skip, bounding, soldier walk, etc.
Max Out component:
30 min
A) Find your best 1k row

rest 5 min

B) Max burpees in 3 min.

Rest 5 min.

C) Max Dubs in 3 min. ”

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