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The Best Crossfit story ever?


I had to share this story with you all. It is truly inspirational and another example of the fact that you never no what life will throw at you. Be prepared.

“Hey Freddy,

I know you don’t know me, but I wanted to share with you how Cross fit saved my life. A little about me, I’m 6’3″ and 41y/o and have always been a little heavy. I work for SJPD and have been there 17 years. In that time I’ve had some unfortunate knee injuries resulting in two reconstructions and two scopes all to the same knee. About 19 months ago while working an undercover assignment I went for a medical checkup and weighted in at 270lbs. I have never been that fat and it scared the shit out of me.  I knew I was on a path to heart disease and a slow death. I changed my diet and at the recommendation of one of your “One Worlders”, I started Crossfit at the SJPD Crossfit gym. I had to scale down some of the exercises and work around my knee but I stuck with it.  I did well and by August 2010 was down to 240lbs. The same One Worlder introduced me to running. It was great for my weight and health but wreaked havok on my knee. I ran two half marathons and decided to ease up on all the long runs. I was able to continue with Crossfit though, and watched all my bloodwork change as I lost the weight. I really feel that Crossfit changed my life.

I eventually got away from the dieting but continued with Crossfit 2 days a week to maintain. The same One Worlder took me to a few of your open Sunday sessions and she also introduced me to the Paleo diet. I liked your no bullshit approach to Crossfit and began realizing that i needed to take my health and fitness more seriously. In March 2011 I decided to not just diet but change my whole lifestyle as it pertained to my health and fitness.

April 1st 2011 I began eating Paleo and working Crossfit 4 days a week. I was “pretty” strict with the Paleo, but had to have my adult beverages. I began following your daily workouts online and reading your posts and stories. At the time I started, I weighed in at 250lbs and am now down to 205lbs. I feel great and haven’t felt this strong and fit since high school. Crossfit definitely saved my life.

On August 22, 2011 Crossfit saved my life again. While working patrol, I was on a call for service at a restaurant. At the end of the call, I was ready to leave and canceled my fill unit. Shortly after, I was approached and attacked by a 5150. He wanted to kill me with my gun and I didn’t feel like dying. He was 5’7″ and about 245lbs. When he approached, he swung at me. His first punch split my lip and pulled my radio mic from the lapel. I couldn’t call for help so I decided to fight my fight and call the troops when I could. A few punches and baton strikes later we were rolling around on the ground. I tried to sprawl to keep from ending up on my back. He had his legs wrapped around mine so I couldn’t separate away from him. During the fight he got a handful of my gun. He yelled at me, “I’ve got you” and “I’m gonna kill you”. I placed my hand over his and pushed downwards to keep it in the holster. While fighting for my gun this guy repeatedly kicked me and punched me with his free hand. The nice thing is I didn’t feel a thing. I wasn’t carrying a back-up gun and needed to do something. I eye gouged, head butted and punched him with my off hand, which really only seemed to piss him off. I tried to get to my knife, but had a table lying across me and couldn’t reach it.

I remembered seeing the security camera aimed right at us and thought if this guy gets my gun, I don’t want my kids and family seeing this video. I sure wasn’t going to be some fucking training video either. I was able to get his hand off my gun so I lifted up and came down with an elbow that caught his chin. His eyed rolled back and he went unconscious. I re-secured my holster and got on the radio to request emergency fills. He woke up within 2-3 seconds and the fight continued. This time he tried pulling my hand off my own gun. I lost some skin but not my gun. I was exhausted and knew I had to last about another minute for my teammates to get there. He continued trying to get my gun and screaming that he was going to get me. I continued thinking how to survive. I grabbed his upper arm with my weak hand and his wrist with my strong. I pushed his hand away from my gun. This time he balled his fist to hit me. I placed my hand on his chest and lifted up again. I came down with an elbow as hard as I could. I’m so glad I didn’t miss. It would’ve been just my luck. This time I hit him across his jaw and he went to sleep.

My supervisor was first on scene and we cuffed the guy. I sat back on my ass and rolled to my back. I was spent! I kept thinking, i just got my ass kicked by some 50 y/o man. WHAT THE FUCK just happened?!?! My uniform shirt was partially torn off and stuff from my pockets was all over the floor. Tables were overturned and broken glass was everywhere. I sat there spitting out pieces of glass and realized it was pieces of my front teeth. I cracked my 4 front teeth, split my lip and tweaked my knee. I recently found out I partially tore my MCL and meniscus in my knee requiring surgery #5. Yes, on the same knee.

Based upon a 911 call from a citizen and the radio traffic tapes the fight was about 3 minutes and 12 seconds. When we found out the guy was Bi-Polar and just got it in his head that he was pissed at the police, we realized it could have been anyone. Most of my team said they wouldn’t have lasted in the fight. They said it was my conditioning from Crossfit that saved my life. Although there’s something to be said for self preservation and adrenaline, Crossfit saved my life.

I recently had a command officer approach me and say my story inspired a lot of guys to get back into the Crossfit gym and working out again in general. I think that’s a good thing. In this line of work you never know when some 5150 will put the cross-hairs on your chest.

Thank you for what you do. I know it’s a labor of love for you, but thank you all the same. I almost feel like I owe 6 months fees…..almost.

Take care and be safe.

Robert Dillon”

Courtesy of Crossfit OneWorld

Before and after pics of Robert

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